My name is Lucretia and Monique is a blessing. I started experiencing hair loss slowly for a few years from Alopecia. 
I was able to deal with going bald because I had lock’s and was able to cover up the bald spots with my remaining lock’s. A few months ago, it became difficult to continue to cover up and I had decided that I was going to cut all my hair off and wear a wig. One night I ran into Monique which I knew for a number of years, we started talking and I told her
about my problem with Alopecia.
Monique told me about Mo-Hair Foundation and asked me if I would be interested in a hair replacement, I explained that I had saved my lock’s that I cut off a few years ago and if we could use them.
As you can see it turned out beautiful and looks so natural, that no one can tell that I’m wearing a hair replacement. 
I tell everyone; everywhere I go about Monique and her Foundation, because there are so many women going through the same thing and they will not talk about the problem. Like the word say we are overcome by our Testimonials. I told my sister sometimes we go through test for other people, if I can help another woman it was worth it.
I would like to thank Monique and her Foundation. I will always try to be a blessing to both of them.

MO' testimonials

We want to thank you Monique for your generosity of providing our 6 year old daughter with a custom fitted wig. She loves it so much! 
​ I did not realize how important it was for her to have hair until she wore your wig. She has worn other wigs before to go to school and to the playground but your wig was so amazing. The first day she received your wig she wore it all day and even went to sleep with it.

I can’t say it enough, we are so appreciative and thankful that we found an organization like yours. Her confidence is up the roof.
​She is extremely happy and as parents that makes us very happy.  She went from been shy to overly confident. When she looked at herself at home in the mirror she said: “ Wow mami I look beautiful” and my heart melted when she said it. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much for making our daughter happy and confident!



I would like to take this time to thank Ms. Monique of the Mo'Hair Foundation. I am a cancer patient who has endured 8 chemotherapy treatments. At the second treatment I realized that I was loosing my hair. I was encouraged to contact Ms. Monique to get a new look for the state I was in! I traveled to New Jersey to meet this woman and was met with a warm spirit. We discussed a style, color and length! 

​ Weeks later I received a message that my new wig had arrived. Took another trip to
New Jersey and fell in love with my new wig. We worked on the style to make it hip, sexy, and fun. Once the style was done, Ms. Monique did the glam thing on me and I became a different person. Family and friends were amazed at her transformation.It inspired me during this time of chemotherapy and makes me feel more attractive in my own skin. Thanks a million, Ms. Monique! If there's anything I can do for you, count it done!
​Pastor Regina Carr


Because We Care