4th Annual



June 12 @ 6PM

Liberty House-76 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City, NJ

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*Refer individuals in need of hair replacements
to Mo’ Hair

*Refer vendors to the organization who would
be willing to donate hair

*Refer vendors to the organization who would
be willing to provide free service to make the
appropriate hairpieces

*Refer vendors to Mo’ Hair who would be willing
to donate needed office supplies and/or beauty
salon supplies and equipment

*Provide names that might be interested in
partnering with the organization

*Donate your hair or locks to Mo’ Hair for the use of
non-surgical hair replacements

​ *Financially support through donations and
private foundation grants

​ *Write a letter of support to the editor of your
local newspapers

*Allow your name to be published in an
endorsement of Mo’ Hair


 make-up services

  now available

Ask about our permanent makeup services; exclusively available to our

hair unit recipients. Services include permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Permanent make-up helps chemotherapy patients transition through the

process of eyebrow and eyelash loss. Instant gratification for thinning,

fading or the loss of eyebrows or eyelashes due to alopecia or scars

resulting from surgery.  *Contact us to find out if you are a candidate*

Call us today for information, updates & donations [ 1. 877. mohair8 ]

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