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           Mo'Hair is a non-profit organization, in the state of New Jersey, and has 501(c)(3) status.             The organization offers men, women and children free non-surgical hair replacements, which serve as a vessel in revitalizing their lives whereas these individuals have lost their driving force that ignited their enthusiasm to be the person that he or she was before his or her crisis. It is Mo'Hair's desire to continuously raise funds to ensure that every child and adult that contacts be serviced. We aspire to enhance self-esteem and promote wellness. 

The Mo'Hair organization is committed to assisting adults and children who may have lost their hair due to various medical conditions such as Cancer, Alopecia and Lupus; serious scalp conditions as well as severe hair loss due to any type of catastrophic event such as fire and or trauma. Mo'Hair shall attain its goal by soliciting donations from individuals, businesses and corporations to raise funds. These funds shall be used exclusively to purchase materials and cover any operational expenses associated with implementing the charitable work.